"The Vast of Night": a superb tribute to "vintage" science fiction


Attention, nugget.Written (under a pseudonym) and directed by a complete stranger - Andrew Patterson -, self-produced before being bought by Amazon Prime Video, The Vast of Night gives the impression of having been saved in extremis from oblivion.it's fortunate, as this first film is successful.

Like in Contact (1997), by Robert Zemeckis, everything begins with a sound, a sound that is only made audible by the silence that envelops, one autumn evening, Cayuga, a very small town in New Mexico (States United) where everyone knows each other.In these southern latitudes, night falls early.It is not yet 7 p.m.but the streets of the city are deserted.The inhabitants have gone with their families to attend a school basketball game in a brightly lit gymnasium, the only bright space in the film.

Only Fay (Sierra McCormick) and Everett (Jake Horowitz) leave high school before the start of the match, the first, 16, a smooth ponytail and butterfly glasses, is the local switchboard operator.hardly older, square glasses and a cigarette in the mouth, is a radio host on the local radio station.Their friendship, whose origin is unknown, is introduced during a long sequence at the start of the film, astonishing in her form, which sees them wander through the dark night, discussing Fay's brand new tape recorder, which Everett helped her choose, or the technological advancements that will shape the future - Fay is passionate about science.Their dialogue, tasty , opens this film beautifully with a tight tempo but with a very broad subject.

Clever mise en abyme

Shortly after taking up her post, while listening to her friend's show, Fay hears her radio signal distort, until Everett's voice fades into a strange sound.The lines ring, Fay hears the same sound on the end of the line Another call, a panicked voice The rumor swells: there is something in the sky of Cayuga Fay connects and disconnects the phone lines on her board, then she Resolves to call Everett, who decides to open the air to listeners, in order to understand what is happening above the town.

Posted Date: 2020-07-19

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